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Health Coaching & Holistic Nutrition for Individuals
A Program Tailored Just for You



Each package includes bi-weekly 50 minute one-on-one sessions (called Standard Sessions), virtual check-ins, an assessment & diagnosis, a personalized plan, and long-term habitual change strategies to give you guidance, accountability, tools, and encouragement.


New patients will always have a 70 minute Introductory Session in place of the first Standard Session. Following sessions will be Standard Sessions.

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Two bi-weekly standard sessions

You have good habits and know the “right” thing to do, you just need a little hand holding

You’ll improve minor health concerns, such as digestive imbalances

You’ll refine your nutritional balance

(Two sessions) $300

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Eight bi-weekly standard sessions

You generally know the “right” thing to do, but you don’t know how to do it

You’ll uncover health conditions, such as food sensitivities

You’ll begin adopting a well-rounded whole foods diet and healthy lifestyle habits

The consistency and accountability of 4 months will help you reshape the way you look at food and how it fuels you

(Eight session) $1100

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Twelve bi-weekly standard sessions

You have unhealthy habits and don’t know what the “right” thing to do is

You’ll uncover and improve health concerns and conditions

You’ll build healthy lifestyle habits, reach your goals, and completely adopt a well-rounded whole foods diet

If you feel you may have underlying issues, 6 months allows you time to address them and heal your gut

(Twelve sessions) $1500 BEST VALUE

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A one time 90 minute session

Kick off your healthy lifestyle

Address a specific issue

Follow up after you’ve completed a monthly package

This is a great a little tweak when you need it most!

(One session) $200



Group Health Coaching + Holistic Nutrition
Motivation, accountability, and team-building together


share the learning, benefits, and challenge with your book club, neighborhood crew, workplace, or (fill in the blank!)


(CT Only)

Book an in-person workshop for you and a group! We’ll work through nutrition and mental health exercises together and Pam will share her favorite tips and tricks. 

At workshops, we handle questions as they arise and often turn them into group discussions. Workshops can last a whole morning or an hour. These can be held at a place of your choice, such as a yoga studio, gym, doctor’s office, library, or your home.

(CT only)

Pam loves sharing the healthy lifestyle message. Whether you’ve brought her to talk your co-workers, or participate in a panel discussion, she believes that eating whole foods, moving daily, and lowering stress are the real keys to a healthy life. Seminars are usually 1 hour to 90 minutes and are lecture driven with a Q&A portion at the end. We can discuss the positives of different diets and how it can be harmful to subscribe to one specific approach.


Nutrition subjects Pam has talked about 

  • Digestive Health

  • Sugar Blues

  • Women’s Health

  • Eating for Energy

  • Emotional Eating

  • Physical Activity and Movement 

  • How to Live a Healthy and Fun Life

(CT only)

Pam has great experience teaching effective group challenges. She hosts periodic week-long and month-long virtual challenges through private Facebook groups. 

Usually, her groups consist of 5-15 challengers with daily tasks like a cardio or meditation day and check-ins like who can post in our group before 7am for the most consecutive days. Let’s feel better together… with some healthy competition!


Join one of Pam’s pre-existing holistic nutrition group sessions. Each group has a different emphasis, determined by the group. For some, building strength, releasing tension, and finding joy are emphasized. Sometimes, community support is all we need to make a change.



One-off Practical Nutrition Coaching
Let’s make it happen


a hands-on-approach to accelerate your health habits


(CT only)

You may think you’re buying healthy foods, but many times you aren’t. Learn how to shop properly for healthy foods with a guide as Pam walks you through the aisles of your local grocery store. 

We take our time and discuss foods with and without nutrition labels. For example, you learn which pasta sauces and peanut butters aren’t filled with sugar, and the differences in health benefits between all types of leafy greens. You learn how to read nutrition labels so you can understand the differences between your options and make better choices. You’ll leave the store knowing how to properly shop for healthy foods, with food prep, a balanced diet, and meal planning in mind!


(CT only)

Food raid! This is a full clean out of your kitchen. We weed through the perishable and non-perishable items in your refrigerator and cabinets, and replace the processed foods with health sustainable ingredients. Sometimes, all you need are some good daily and weekly staples that the whole family will enjoy. It’s easier than you think!