why do people come to me and keep coming back?


I have expertise in Health Coaching and Holistic Nutrition

I have numerous success stories

I have an educational and practitioner counseling background

I healed myself through my own diet and lifestyle changes

I am compassionate and approachable in my work

I have a plethora of material on food and lifestyle that I curate for my clients' needs


I healed my severe autoimmune disease through Holistic Nutrition

My journey to health has been a long road. It began like so many others; I struggled in my late teens and twenties with unhealthy habits and body image issues. I was searching for balance, but couldn’t seem to find it.

Then in my early thirties, my health worsened drastically. I just had my second child and was stressed, hormonally imbalanced, and had flu-like symptoms that wouldnt go away. I felt completely disconnected from my body. None of the doctors were able to explain why or help me.

In 2011, after an uncountable number of doctors and medical tests, I finally received a diagnosis of both Celiac disease and a rare connective tissue autoimmune disease. I thought that with this diagnosis, I was on a path to recovery. I was wrong.

After feeling sick for 2 years and trying over 20 different medications, which many times made me feel worse, I made it my mission to heal myself through food and lifestyle. I solved the problem all on my own, a feat I didn’t believe possible. By adopting a whole foods diet, reducing stress, and implementing healthy sleep habits, I finally found joy and peace in my life.

Shortly after regaining my health and wellbeing, I realized my passion was to help others who feel helpless about their health. I decided to commit to transforming health full-time and launched a new career as a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach. While I learned a ton on my own and though my personal experience, I wanted to be fully equipped to help anyone in any situation heal themselves through the same overall strategy. I decided to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

While there, I explored over 100 dietary theories, learned bio-individuality, and honed my coaching skills. The curriculum focused on all areas of health: relationships, food, physical activity, spirituality/mindset, and career. I was taught by leading physicians, researchers, doctors, and nutrition experts. Lastly, I was able to join a community at the forefront of health and wellness.

My purpose now is to assist others by helping them live their best lives. I promise you it’s possible.

— Pam

a few quick facts about Pam

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Pam’s pastimes include spending time with friends and family, traveling, and perfecting a great dirty martini. She enjoys these martinis most while watching her Alma Matta, Villanova, play basketball. She also enjoys being as active as possible by spinning, walking, weight training, snowshoeing, and spending time outdoors with her husband, two children, and extremely rambunctious doodle.