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The Magnesium Buzz


Magnesium is the wonder supplement of the moment. It helps support your bones and your heart, as well as your digestive system, which is great. But two most noticeable magnesium benefits you are most likely to notice are increased energy levels and reduced stress or anxiousness. Anxiety is real, magnesium helps.

If you are deficient of magnesium in your diet (aka: not enough leafy greens, nuts, beans and grains) your energy levels might be low and you may be more prone to stress (yelling at kids), restlessness (unable to sleep), nervousness (biting your nails), and irritability (yelling at kids even louder). It might sound contradictory, but magnesium is energizing, calming and relaxing. Plus, magnesium helps support healthy nerve function by regulating stress hormones. Win win. I recommend starting off with magnesium glyicnate 200 mg a day an hour before bed. It is the most gentle on your stomach (and your bowels….) and can help you sleep better at night. Give it a try for a week and you will notice a difference. You may still yell at the kids, but it may be just a wee bit softer.